Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pregnant? Learn More About Cord Blood Donation

Having a baby is an amazing thing. Helping another person keep their baby is something more of a miracle. Find out more about cord blood donation.


Our Story

My daughter Anna, age eleven, has been battling Large Cell Lymphoma for over a year and a half now. As soon as her first year of treatment was over, we thought that was the end of the road and she was in remission. Unfortunately, she got very sick and two months later (and several hospital stays later) we got the news that she had relapsed. We were told that we would need a stem cell transplant to save her life. You may also know it as a bone marrow transplant. Those with blood/immune cancers like leukemia and lymphoma are not always candidates for a transplant, but those who are candidates have a real chance of beating it for good. They are literally given brand new immune systems. How incredible is that?

As we wait and wait to find word on a donor, we are told that the doctors are looking at a few umbilical cords as the match. I am in awe that someone donated a cord at the time of their baby's birth, and that may be the only thing that can help me keep my baby girl.

Where You Come In

Please watch the video posted below and see how you can donate your baby's cord to help save another life. You can also encourage your friends and family to go to Be The Match and get a free test kit to increase the national registry of donors. It's a simple cheek swab to test your DNA. When you are contacted as a match, the person who is in need of a transplant would use their insurance to have you tested again, have a health work up, and then you would need to carve out a time to have a relatively simple procedure to have your bone marrow harvested. Teens who have had the procedure done have reported that they were sore but otherwise unaffected from the procedure. It is much easier to use a blood cord because then the patient does not have to wait for a person's schedule to be able to get the transplant.

Not every cancer can be cured, but let's cure the ones we know can be. Think of it, your little miracle...born a hero. I don't know if I'll be allowed to know and contact the family who will save my daughters life and give her a brand new immune system. If I can, I know I will cry and not even be able to form the words of gratitude I feel. I hope you will share this information with everyone you know who is having a baby. Be blessed and congratulations!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Tale of Two PET Scans

Anna had a PET scan this past week, as did her friend Kayla. The two outcomes were completely different. How do parents cope?

If I haven't updated my readers on Anna's current situation, it's only been because we have been so busy figuring out what her situation is. Her cancer recurred immediately after the end of her first year of treatment, and we had to go back on chemotherapy in the form of an antibody specifically targeted toward lymphoma. We are waiting for news on a donor for a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant. We are ready and prepared to spend three months away from home to get that done and finally, finally feel like she's going to be better. To be able to move forward with the transplant, she had to be back in remission, seen clearly on a PET scan.

To tell the rest of this story I need to back up and tell you that when she was first diagnosed, we met a lovely girl named Kayla who went to the same clinic for treatment. Kayla has a completely different type of cancer called neuroblastoma. This is a cancer that is most common in very young children but happened to grow in Kayla even though she is a young adult at 18-19. I spoke with Kayla's mom and we became facebook friends. We talked about the trials of having a child with cancer, and Kayla was able to express to me what chemotherapy was like for her as Anna can't do that with her special needs. I knew keeping up with them through facebook that the trials Kayla faced with neuroblastoma seemed much more daunting than what we faced with lymphoma. Cancer is deadly no matter what type it is, but some types are just easier to treat than others. 

This past week we completed Anna's PET scan. It was hard to do. Anesthesia always makes me nervous. Seeing my baby strapped to a table moving through a huge machine is hard for me. Helping her come off the loopy-loo phase when she wakes up is comical and also unnerving. There's nothing fun about a PET scan. Yet, when we got the results they were the most beautiful words I'd seen in print...maybe ever. They read, "Currently there is no PET/CT evidence of disease." She's clear. My baby currently has no cancer in her body. We can move forward with the transplant and know we have a real chance of beating this thing for good.

Kayla also had a PET scan this past week. Her news was not as good. New cancer had grown during the treatment. Her doctors told her that at this point there is not much chance of ever beating it, but the new course of action is to keep it at bay as long as possible. I can't imagine getting that kind of news. It's just as possible for us as it is for any other cancer patient. Yet, my news is thrilling and people we've shared this experience with got horrible news. I don't know how to feel. I'm not giving up on Kayla. I'm continuing to pray for her and hope and believe. I also feel guilty. I know I have no reason to but I guess its a human emotion, a natural reaction.

How do parents cope? I have no idea. I was hoping you did. The only thing I can ask of you if this story has stirred your heart is to give to PEDIATRIC cancer research. Not Susan G. Komen, though that is a worthy cause. Not The American Cancer Society, though that is another worthy cause. Those are for specific types of cancer that have nothing to do with these kids. For Anna, it's the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There is also a Neuroblastoma society. Either way, find a cancer society for children, so that kids like Anna can keep getting great news and young adults like Kayla can get better news than she got. There are new treatments discovered every day (the antibody that put Anna in remission is new). We need help for science to continue to find them.  

Thanks for reading. If you are praying person, please pray for Kayla and for Anna. Be blessed. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Post -Drug Rehabs

With advancement of technology and society, we come to face many problems too. Drug addiction is one of the harsh tragedies of modern life style and society. Drugs addiction destroys the physical and mental health of person. Addicts need our love and sympathy to overcome their problems and to retain their health.

Rehabs Drugs or Drugs rehabs term refers to the efforts and treatments to resettle addicts in society as useful citizens. It includes medical and psychological treatments. Mostly, it is observed that people start using drugs after facing some intensive failure in life regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, and class. 

How to identify drug addicts?

Addicts often do not want to be treated for their addiction and do not confess about it. But there are few signs and symbols that can help in recognition of drug addicts. Few of them are as follows:
  • Red eyes or protruding eyes
  • Slurred or disturbed speech
  • Problem in concentrating
  • Impatient, irritable and violent behaviour
  • Over energetic or excessive fatigue
  • Careless about personal appearance or hygiene
  • Move society of bad persons
  • Depression
  • Dishonesty
  • Declining work quality and ability

Methods to Help out an Addict:
Whenever you find a person addicted to drugs especially in your friends’ circle, first of all approach him or her to confirm your guess. Talk in a very friendly way so that he/she can trust you to share the truth with you. Being mentally sick, they don’t trust anyone and often refuse to accept any kind of help. But actually they need your compassionate support to overcome their problems and get rid of drug addiction. Nothing other than constant patience and compassionate communication can built a trust and motive to be treated. 
Rehabs clinics or centres:
Most of addicts need professional help to eradicate his/her drug addiction. Drug Rehab centres are excellent option for it so guide them to a reliable rehabs centre and assist them throughout the rehabilitation process. Your love and care with professional medical treatment can help them to recover soon.

Purposes and benefits of Rehabs Drugs:

Rehabs Drugs aim to provide an opportunity to live a healthy drug-free live and to become a productive and useful family/society member by eliminating drug usage,. This goal cannot be achieved without long term, rigorous care, and emotional support. Rehabs drugs repair physical, emotional, and mental aspects of personality. It creates a sense of understanding that abusive use of drugs causes serious problems both physical and mental. It has a long list of benefits few of them are listed below:
  • Gives fundamental support to bring changes in one’s life
  • Offer psychological and medical help to cure one’s disorders
  • Assists persons to face the hurdles bravely that can cause drug dependency
  • Offers a safe place to leave the drugs and to make oneself emotionally and mentally strong
  • Create awareness about personal abilities and positive points
  • Make basis to heal up wrecked relationships
  • Convert the addicts in useful society members
These are few prominent benefits that can be earned through rehabs drugs. Many other society related benefits are also there, for instance, improved productivity and reduced cost of medical treatments. 

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