Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Legitimate Job From Home. Really!

As you guys may know I've been looking for a legitimate way to work from home without starting my own business. I've had so much going on with Anna that I can't do that right now. I need to work for/with someone who can pay me. One day on facebook I saw a random article that pointed out several ways to work online. Most of them didn't pan out very well, but one did. Leapforce. Now, I'm not allowed to talk too much about it. That's part of my agreement as a vendor; but, I am allowed to tell you it's a legitimate job, and refer you if you're interested.

If you're interested in finding out more, you can go to  https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs/list?uref=513caf412911cb04e8fb374bd70bc796

There you can find out the answers to a lot of your questions. Usually you will start with filling out a set of questions and seeing if you qualify to proceed. Once you do, you will find out the answers to questions like how much the pay per hour is, what type of work you'll be doing, etc. You'll know this before you take the exam(s). As you go through more and more of the process, everything will come to light. You won't be in the dark wondering. You just have to "unlock" one step before you can get to the next. 

You will need to pass an entrance exam, and it's not easy. It took me two tries. Don't be in a hurry, it usually takes a couple of weeks for the testing process. With it taking me two tries, it was three weeks.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Can you learn by reading? My boyfriend laughed when he saw that I had to learn the information by reading. He congratulated me on my ability to do so. Smart as he is, he learns better a different way. I can tell you that LeapForce is really good at explaining what they want from you. The instructions are way more clear than another company I tested for (and failed).

2. Can you wait to get paid? Payments are made the month after your invoice is submitted. Patience and budgeting is necessary.

3. Are you skilled at the computer and do you use your smartphone with ease? Those are necessary skills for this job.

4. Are you okay being an independent contractor? You will not work "for" the company. You work for yourself and you will need to file your taxes appropriately.

I love this job so much. It's on my time. Can't work today? Then don't work today. No need to call anyone or get someone to cover for you. It's just exactly what I needed. So grateful to find it. Let me know if you sign up!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Accessories

Perhaps you've heard of Irresistible Me, the clip on hair extensions? (If not, you should check it out, they're really cool.) As a blogger, I'm often offered the chance to try new products for free in exchange for an honest review. When Irresistible Me offered, I honestly ignored it at first because I wasn't interested in hair extensions. Later, I thought Anna might be able to use them now that her hair is growing back. As it turns out, her hair still isn't quite long enough for clip on extensions. When that didn't work out, they offered me the chance to review an array of their beautiful hair accessories. To that, I said yes, yes, yes!

In a home with three females, we're always looking for nice hair accessories. Clips, bobby pins, bows, and barrettes are all over our house all the time. The ones that I got to choose from Irresistible Me stay in the box they arrived in until we are ready to wear them because they are really well made and I don't want to lose them. Here's what I chose:

1. Daisy Hair Barrette: This one is just very dainty and girly. It immediately made me think of prissy miss Essie. 

2. Zoey Hair Barrette: The colors on this one are more muted in person than they look online. I still love it though. 

3. Melody Bobby Pin: This is a very well constructed sturdy pin. It's not like the bobby pins you buy in a pack for a dollar at your local store. It reminds me a little bit of "Hello Kitty" stuff, so that's why I picked it. 

4. Sapphire Hair Barrette: This gorgeous barrette is a little too heavy for the girls fine hair. It will be super nice for me to wear when I can. I can just see me all dolled up with this barrette in my hair.

5. Clara Bobby Pin: This cute bow has a bow charm on it as well. A nice touch. Note that it is navy blue underneath, giving it a nice two-toned look.


6. Diana Tiara: I chose this one because Essie's birthday is coming up. I thought it would be a fun idea to make it the "Birthday Tiara" in our house. If it's your birthday, you get to wear it. The girls both love it. 

We love all of these hair accessories and find them to be really good quality. I'm sure they will be around for us to enjoy for a long time. This was a really fun review to get to do, and I thank Irresistible Me for the opportunity. 

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the article above, I received these hair accessories free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are mine.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guest Post: A Soccer Coach's Guide To The Best Training Aids

Image by timparkinson, used under Creative Commons license

Training aids are a great addition to any young footballers practice. It can make a big difference to their overall ability — improving strength, speed and focus. If your children want to see a difference on the pitch, here are some of the best training aids to choose from. 

Training cones
Simple yet effective, this is one of the most versatile training tools available. They can be used for dribbling practice, running drills or to create an improvised pitch. Nike’s brightly colored range is a good choice — both affordable and strong. They’ll last for years in all weather conditions and provide endless opportunities for skill-based learning.

Reaction belts

Also known as escape belts, these are widely recognized as the best piece of equipment for defensive training. Two people attach themselves to either end of the belt with one marking whilst the other is trying to evade them. This requires agility and a quick response from both players. Once the attacker has escaped the defender’s reach, it will cause a tear away connection to come lose. The Adidas model is a good choice and is popular with professional coaches. It offers varying difficulty levels with three belt lengths and has an adjustable waist harness with carry bag included. 

Speed and agility ladder 
The pros use this training equipment in their daily drills to work on their speed and agility. The flat rung ladder, which lies on the ground, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Many even split in two, making it a highly practical piece of equipment for training in groups. There are so many to choose from all and they offer a similar quality. Buy one with adjustable rungs that change the foot speed requirement.

Slalom poles 
A slalom based drill using this equipment should develop upper body movement. This is essential for better dribbling and quick changes in direction. It’s best to choose poles at least 1.7m in height which makes the movement as realistic as possible. Available in high visibility colors, they can also be used on dark and cloudy days. Many also come with the added option of weighted bases, for use on Astroturf or indoors.

Speed parachute 
This form of resistance training can help with many other sports but it’s especially effective at beating your opponent to the ball on match day. As you start sprinting, the parachute opens, creating drag which requires more energy and strength. This builds that all important, explosive power. There are ones specifically designed for children that are slightly smaller with a narrower waist harness.

Goal posts 
When it comes to shooting practice, the humble goal post remains the most effective piece of equipment. There are plenty of options available from portable to inflatable. High-quality posts should be easy to assemble and built to last with durable materials.

These football training aids can have impressive results whilst remaining enjoyable. You find football training aids for reasonable prices at Tesco. They'll keep your children busy for hours and can be used well into adulthood. 

About the author:  Adrian Snelling is a soccer coach and former soccer player. He used to play as a defensive midfielder.