Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disney Movie Club- Is It Worth It?

Should you sign up for Disney Movie Club? We did. Here's our experience with it. Do you think it was worth it?

I shared with you recently how we joined the Disney Movie Club because Anna loves Disney movies and we thought that it would be a pretty good deal. We ended up getting about 10 Disney movies all at half price, which is definitely a savings over getting them all a full price, right? If you have a little Disney lover, you may be interested in joining, but there are some things you should know before you do:

* Make sure you get the deal with with most dirt cheap movies and fewest required movies left to fulfill the commitment. We had to search for a special coupon code that got you 5 movies for $1.99 total and then you only had to buy four more to fulfill the commitment. But, you could buy two extras at a lower price with that deal and one of them would count toward your commitment. If you can find this's better. I wouldn't do any deals where you have more than 4 more to buy later.

* The movies that count toward your commitment must be at least $19.99. They mention this somewhere in all the fine print but it is not in big bold letters that are easy to find.

Here's what happened to us: We bought the two Have a Laugh! volumes I just posted about and thought they would count toward our commitment. I saw on my account online that they didn't. So, I called and they said it was because they weren't at least $19.99 each. Then they offered to charge me $6 extra so that both the Have a Laugh volumes could be adjusted up to $19.99 each and they could count toward the commitment. Since I was ready to fulfill the commitment as quickly as possible I agreed to this. Then, there was some "mistake" with the charge and I had to wait and call them back for them to be able to do that. I called back and they made the charge. A month later...the movies had not been updated.

I called to ask why the movies had not been updated and they said they took care of it. Come to find out they only took care of one. So I had to call back yet again to get the credit for these movies. Not only that, the number is NOT easy to locate (its 800-362-4587 if you need it), and when you call you have to listen to a lot of recorded info before you can talk to someone, including all your account info at least twice before you can talk to a cast member.
I did find the cast members to be fairly nice, it's just frustrating that they made a mistake with the charges so I had to call back, then they made a mistake with the updates so I had to call back. I'm glad I saved the money on the movies but I paid for it in time spent calling the customer service center.

Nevertheless, I'll probably hold onto the account, because you can get some good deals and I've got a little Disney Movie lover. It's better than paying full price at the store, but you need a heads up on all the details before you go into this thing blindly. Be sure you understand too that there is a "featured title" once a month or so and if you don't want it you MUST opt out. Otherwise they will send it to you and charge you for it. So check your account regularly to make sure that you decline or accept the featured title.

I had at least one time that I completely forgot and had "Wreck it Ralph" show up at my door. I went ahead and kept it because I didn't want the hassle of returning it, and I figured it counted toward my minimum to cancel. I have to say though...I think the movie may have been watched once. No one here is a huge fan of the flick. That's the kind of thing that stinks about this type of program. If you get busy you can lose money on things you don't really want, but don't want the hassle of dealing with.

So is it worth it? I'll let you decide...I just wanted you to be better informed first.

2013 update: As soon as I got all of my obligations filled, I simply canceled. I now get all of our movies on Amazon we get to watch a lot of shows free via Amazon Prime. What I love about having them stored digitally and watching on the Roku or Wii is that they can't be handled by the kids, lost, and scratched. I can't tell you how many times we have bought the movies Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Seriously, I think we bought copies of both at least 3 times before finally losing/scratching the last ones and buying the digital copies. A lot of the movies are decently priced at about $10,  unless they are new releases. Like the Little Mermaid that was just recently re-released is still $19.99 but in due time we can probably snag it for $10 and have it stored digitally forever. Unless of course Amazon crashes, goes out of business, etc.  Considering they have been going strong for over 20 years I'm not too worried. They must be doing something right. This was the first year I did "Prime" and I definitely will be renewing. Soon I'll do a post on how convenient it has been to order things online and have them show up at my door two days later with free shipping. I've probably saved hundreds on shipping. Anyway, I said all that to say...I will never use Disney Movie Club again.


  1. I regret you had an unfortunate experience with the one Disney Movie Club order, but glad we resolved it for you! If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me directly!
    Thank you,
    Member Advocate
    Disney Movie Club

  2. Thanks Priscilla. It would be helpful to have a direct contact number if that were to happen. Do you have one?

  3. I've gotta say...Priscilla's comment hasn't made me feel any better about Disney Movie Club. She didn't leave a last name or a direct contact number for that contact me directly offer she made. Maybe she hasn't checked back to realize that she neglected to do that. Then again, it could have been someone not even affiliated with Disney Movie Club leaving an anonymous comment. Hmmmmmmmm.

  4. Okay, well Priscilla gave me her number on Twitter, her direct line is 800-459-7002. If you have problems like I did with DMC, call Priscilla.


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