Saturday, September 7, 2013


I wrote a post a while back about why you should not submit your articles using article submission software. Now, I am just "burned up" angry at fake, phony sites that try to steal your money like They have this big sales pitch that it's only $2 per article to submit your work for you to 100 + article directories to help promote "Massive Publicity For Your Website". Baloney, baloney baloney.


I went through the list they gave of the sites they submit to, because I was trying to find really good article submission sites. Good quality ones. As I went through the list I typed the address of the directory in my address bar. THEN, I went to my pagerank checker and found out the pagerank of each one. Guess what? Most of them are brand new sites that haven't even been listed by google yet. About 30+ of them are mirror sites...ones that look exactly alike created by the same programmer with a different title on each one. PATHETIC! Seriously :                                                 

Type in those sites from the list and see if most or not all look exactly alike! EXACTLY. And none of them are even indexed by Google yet. And this is suppose to bring you traffic, and massive publicity? No. It's a scam. You're wasting your $2. And they're counting on you wasting a lot of those $2 payments. One payment per article. Oh yeah, it's a low cost to get into 100+ article directories but they don't mention that the 100+ directories are basically garbage. There were a few good ones in there. I'm sorry for ranting and raving it just makes me so irritated that people run scams like that. In 6 months half those directories will be closed down or not working anymore. 

Why does it matter? Aren't links good? Not worthless ones. One good quality link from a pagerank 5 site is better for your website than 100 ones with 0 pagerank or (N/A pagerank because they haven't been indexed yet). You need sites from pagerank 3 and above. That doesn't mean you can't help out a fellow pal who is just building their site and do reciprocal links with lower's just that in general you want the majority of the links coming into your site to be of higher value.

There is so much scamming and spamming going on that it makes it hard for people who want to do it right! Now directories are shutting down registration, or just shutting down period. The inclusion time is too long because they have to sort through the junk. It's so frustrating! Can y'all tell that made me mad?

Look, article marketing is good...but you have to do the work. Yourself. I have yet to find any software or site that is what it says it is. Don't buy "spinners", don't spam the sites...just write good, relative content and submit it yourself. For the way I submit to these directories myself and for a list of good directories with decent pageranks see my article about the software. I've let off my steam now...I think! Keep writing, guys, and don't get scammed. Yes, I can tell you this from experience. I knew better than to pay $2 for this service, but I bought spinners and submitters in the past. Just junk that wastes your money. 

The worst part is, the people selling the junk to you know better. They're so deceptive. Some of the same guys I trusted that gave me the good information also scam people. It's like the devil! Just tell you enough truth and good information to gain your trust and then they can sell you any crap they want to. They brag about making millions online but they don't mention it's because they're deceivers. Watch out, friends.  


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