Thursday, September 26, 2013

Origami Owl Floating Charms

Discover Floating Charms, the jewelry pieces that "dance" in your locket.

Have you been hearing about the beautiful living lockets from Origami Owl? These personalized keepsake necklaces are sweeping the nation because of how beautiful and meaningful they are to those who have them. Using floating charms, you get to tell your story in a jewelry piece that everyone can see, rather than hidden away inside a closed box. These charms are not attached like on a traditional bracelet or necklace, they "dance" inside your locket as you move around. Each one is small in size, but large enough to see. You can fit about two to three of them on the face of a dime.

This is an example of a large locket (it is shown opened, but of course it closes and is worn closed). The inside is about the size of  quarter. You can see that there are four floating charms inside, with room for up to six or eight more. There's also a "plate" included in this beautiful keepsake that belongs to my aunt. She got an elephant because she is a big University of Alabama fan, the Z because that's the first letter in her last name, the pink crown to celebrate one of her grandchildren, and the owl to celebrate the other grandchild. I love that she was so unconventional in her choices for her grand-girls. I of course went with the traditional birthstones of my kids in my locket, but hers inspires me to add other ones that make me think specifically of my girls' personalities and what makes me smile about them. That's my aunt's story...what's yours?

The origami owl medium locket will hold up to seven charms, and the mini will hold up to two. Now, you can also wear them with a locket that goes on a bracelet! The mini locket goes with the dangle bracelet, and the new exclusive link locket goes with the link bracelet. If you have any questions leave a comment or email me at Be on the lookout for giveaways on this blog! I often give away 4 of these (a $20 value) at a time.


  1. Can you tell me about the giveaways? I did ot know what an origami owl was. I actually thought it was a necklace with an owl on it. I am now fascinated amd would love to learn more and have a chance to win one. Thanks, judy

    1. Hi Judy. Origami Owl doesn't ship outside the US, so as long as you live in the good ole U. S. of A, you can qualify for the giveaways. I've been a little busy and haven't done any this month. As you may now know, Origami Owl features the "living locket". Unlike a traditional lockets, a living locket has a window that you can see through to the inside contents. The floating charms that are inside that locket tell your story for everyone to see. Currently, in my locket I have the "believe" plate, a key window plate, and the charms for my two girls birthstones. My story is that the "key" to raising my girls and being the best mom I can be is to "believe". What's awesome is that I can change out that story with new plates and floating charms. Or, wear another story at the same time with a bracelet or the over the heart chain that allows you to wear two lockets at once. When I do the charm giveaways, I give away 4 free charms to get you started on your story or give away as a gift. I hope that answers your question, but if you need more clarification I'd be glad to help. If you email me at I'll be glad to let you know when the next giveaway goes live!


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