Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hummingbird Food Recipe

If you are a hummingbird lover, you may be thinking that now is the time to take down your feeders. As we learned in my facts and fascinating information article, that's not the case. These amazing creatures will not stay behind just because you have feeders out. They know naturally when to migrate with temperature changes, and they will go when it's time regardless of your offer of nourishment. Plus, they need so very much food each day that taking down your feeders could actually do more harm than good. If you don't have the syrup recipe, check out the one below. It's pretty consistent through all the sites I looked at. Note that it's important not to use red food coloring in your syrup. The red color of your feeder will be enough to attract them and the red dye can be harmful.

All it takes is:

- one part white table suger
- four parts tap water

Stir sugar into tap water in a pan on the stove and bring to a boil. Boil two minutes only (to get rid of chlorine and other impurities) and then allow to cool. Add to your feeder.
(Resource Here)

As you can see, preparing your own syrup is less costly and better for the little birdies than buying the red-colored pre-prepared stuff anyway. So keep giving them nourishment until they migrate. 

Hummingbird Food Recipe

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