Thursday, February 20, 2014

Open Mic Nights With Taff & Lape

Tuesday has become my favorite night. That's Open Mic Night and it means singing in my new band Taff & Lape!

Hey Anna & Essie readers, I have something so fun (for me) to tell you. If you've ever read my "About Mamma" section you know that I shared with you that one hobby of mine is singing. I have always loved it, but for the last several years I have not done much with it. In fact, before January of this year I had not sung in front of a group since Essie was born. With our move back to Florida, I have had so much more of an opportunity to get out and do things for myself. This cancer/chemo life we've been living has been such a drain on us all, and I finally feel like a person outside of a cancer mom again. On Tuesday nights I now get to sing at Open Mic Night with my good friend Deborah, and it's SO MUCH FUN!!


How We Came About

I have known and loved Deborah Lape for years, as we used to sing on a worship team together. When I got back to Florida, she was one of the first people I made contact with. I happened to have been going through a personal heartbreak that's not even worth mentioning really, but it is part of the story. Deb and I were sitting at Starbucks having coffee and I was crying because of that personal heartbreak, and she was sharing some sadness about a personal heartbreak of her own. I told her we needed to do something positive to put negative energy into something good that we both loved, which of course for us both is singing. I asked her if there was any place that was not a bar (we're not fond of smokey bars) that we could do karaoke. She knew of a coffee house that she thought did karaoke on Tuesdays and we met there the next Tuesday night. Turns out it wasn't karaoke, it was open mike!

What is Open Mic?

I know you're probably thinking...who doesn't know that? You'd be surprised how many people have asked me to clarify it though. So, in case you're's different than karaoke. With karaoke the place will usually have their own machine that plays the music for you and you just sing. The advantage is that it's a full version of the music (not just one instrument). The disadvantage is that the song may not be in the right key for you, may be at a tempo you don't like, etc. With open mike you play your own music, at your own tempo in the key you like. This particular place has instruments there plus you can bring your own if you like. Thankfully, Deb plays the piano so we have at least one instrument to sing to. I'm trying very hard to learn guitar so we can build our skills, and soon we hope to add more people to the band who can play drums, guitar, and more.

Our Facebook Page

We have made a facebook page and we want you all to go like it! You'll be able to hear us sing through videos we post, and you can keep up with us as we build our skills and become better and better. We are both talented singers, so we're starting from experience; however, it's been quite a while since either of us have used our skills. When you don't use them, you do have to build back up to a level that you know you are capable of. On a side note, we love that photo in the coffee house. That's why we took out pic in front of it. Being a crafty woman, I'm going to have to make one of those. It looks like it's just a piece of deco paper with the word spray-painted and then framed. I love, love, love it!

Inspiration to "like" us

Of course I don't expect you to just run right over and "like" our page with no inspiration to. That's why I'm offering a $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway to get your fingers clicking. One lucky winner will get to choose 5 new songs, buy a new book, or a get $5 off something they've been wanting at Amazon. Open to ALL, as the prize will be delivered electronically (prize will be the equivalent of five US dollars)! Enter with the Rafflecopter form below. The first entry is mandatory, but then I threw in a few more chances for you to get more entries if you like. Good Luck!
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  1. love singing. i have always wanted to go to an open mic night.

  2. I love singing, especially karaoke. It is such a fun way to let loose and express yourself.

  3. I love the freedom to express yourself through song

  4. Open Mic night would be so much fun!


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